Becoming Healthy

Relaxation for the Nerves

Exercises for the autonomic nervous system

Relaxation for the Nerves

Care for your autonomic nervous system

The autonomic nervous system creates the internal communication system. When it works well, mind and body resonate with each other. This has an effect on the entire nervous system, relaxing it and making it permanently strong and healthy. You can also achieve this effect with the eurythmy exercises in this course.

The Relaxation for the Nerves course package includes:

  • Two cycles A and B with exercises for daily practice
  • A collection of longer run-throughs
  • Background information and recorded Q&A videos
  • Supportive daily emails to assist with your course run-through

Normally we recommend to start with cycle A, followed by cycle B. This will allow you to practice and deepen the exercises over several weeks in different ways. But you can also start with any cycle you prefer according to your preferences, needs, and intuition. You can always switch cycles whenever you want. The forum for participants is accessible as soon as you have purchased the course.

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To view the lessons click A, B, C, or Background Information:
Intense and Powerful
Same exercise daily for a week
New exercise every week

Daily practice 15 - 20 min
Duration 4 weeks

Variation and Change
Different exercise every day
New variation every week

Daily practice 15 - 20 min
Duration 6 weeks

Run Throughs

 Full sequences
for individual training

Practice time 1 hour


Background Information
The Autonomic Nervous System
Tips for Practice

7 videos, 3 - 6 min

  • Eurythmy4you

    “Eurythmy that gets under your skin... The course had a deep healing effect for me and an aftertaste of joy, security and inner growth. For the first time in my life I experienced eurythmy on a really deep level. Each week I experienced a beneficial catharsis that sometimes lasted for several days. Theodor's personality and his sensitive and all-encompassing teaching style of clear demonstration and explanation of the movements, coupled with visualization and a meditative aftertaste make these online lessons a real live experience. Blessings from Wales”

  • Eurythmy4you

    “I'm very happy to have participated in this course. The spirit of instructions was clear and at the same time very therapeutic. The tone was leading to musical and colourful artistic experiences in a peaceful way. Due to my regrettable bad health during many weeks I was not able to take benefit of all the possible benefits of the exercises immediately, I have been little by little making the exercises according to a suitable time-table. With gratitude for Your efforts to make a wonderful path to health, tranquillity and balance.”

  • Eurythmy4you

    “I'm glad I booked this course with its structure (broad background) and your focused way of working which is totally professional in terms of pace and breaks. You have given us many suggestions as to how we can take up individual exercises after the course and continue to practice them. The eurythmy units are carried out in such deep calm and concentration and are guided in such a way that I can calmly contribute to doing everything well without inner pressure. This is something special for me and leads to a special aftertaste.”

  • Eurythmy4you

    “A big thank to the team. For the good technical preparation. For the moderate prices. For consistent implementation. For the professional background. Thanks for the therapeutic approach. For the spiritual hints. For the call from Switzerland for the world and the earth. For human compassion. For the void you fill. A big thank to the team.”

  • Eurythmy4you

    “From the bottom of my heart, thank you for this rich course on the autonomic nervous system. It is not only instructive, but also deeply and multi-layered touching and gives such a wealth of suggestions that the further development is far from over. This development also motivates to further integrate eurythmy into life, which is a very comprehensive process that should never be finished.”