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Gina, 2.5.2021
Once I worked with a eurythmist called Ilona Schubert, and how you work reminds me of how she worked, it moved me very much, and brings so much peace, how she seemed to begin always from the heart.  Even knowing nothing at the time, this has been an inner star to find the way.

Siele, 24.3.2021
An adventurous journey into the realms of the autonomic nervous system. To me it was a literal revelation of an unknown territory. A real gift from the Eurythmy4you staff, enwrapped in love, dedication, gentleness and a deep understanding of eurythmy and life. Thanks to all of you!

Ljoba, March 22, 2021
I would like to express my gratitude for your work that you share with us.

Lynda, March 22, 2021
Thank you so much. I appreciate it. I am thoroughly enjoying the learning and the experience.

Meri, February 23, 2021
I'm very happy to have participated in this course. The spirit of instructions was clear and at the same time very therapeutic. The tone was leading to musical and colourful artistic experiences in a peaceful way. Due to my regrettable bad health during many weeks I was not able to take benefit of all the possible benefits of the exercises immediately, I have been little by little making the exercises according to a suitable time-table. With gratitude for Your efforts to make a wonderful path to health, tranquillity and balance.