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A Quiet Sacred Space

There are imbalances in the world of organs, which are united into a living organism by the autonomic nervous system. Each organ is shaped differently by a person's karmic biography.

As a result, this whole is not a perfect basis for what constitutes the essence of the human being. But it is precisely from this area from where the human being's higher I and its intuitive power should enter the body and become effective.

The spiritual light that the kidney sends into the organism plays an ordering and harmonizing role. The pathway through which this happens is the autonomic nervous system, in which the ethers flow like in a sandy river bed.

With its blood vessels, the heart accompanies the pathways of the autonomic nervous system and creates meaning and purpose through its quiet perception.

The autonomic nervous system shields a quiet sacred space from the rest of the organism in order to feel the inner cosmos and to tune the melodies between the organs so that the human being can live into them as a human being. The nervous system within our body thinks musically.

In our everyday thinking and in our conscious emotional life, we usually do not maintain such a protected space. In our external life we have to learn to think in a way that lives in rhythms and to balance our sympathies and antipathies so that we don't weaken the lower system and remain open to our inner voice which is fueled by our autonomic nervous system.