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Tips for Practice - Cycle A

When should I practice

From week to week you will deepen another of the four exercises. Depending on the video, this takes fifteen to twenty minutes a day. You can do it when it suits you best, when you have the best time and depending on whether you are a morning or evening person. It is best to do it at about the same time every day.

What do I do if I miss an exercise?

If you haven't practised in one day, the next day you continue with the exercise that you haven't done yet. You stay in the order in which it was set up and leave out the last video.

What does this structure of the exercises bring me?

You make the exercise more and more your own from day to day. Over time you realize that it is not just an exercise, but something that is deep inside you and that the connection with it becomes more and more natural and diverse and turns into a resource that you can also access.